Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Been Busy, busy, busy

Hello Everyone!

No, we haven't dropped off the map yet! We've been busy sorting out all of our worldly possesions to decide what to sell at the auction next month, what to pack and store at my Mom's, what to take with us and what to give away or throw away. With at least 3 moves, who would have thunk we would have so much stuff left?!

Anyways...if you are in TC area, the auction will be Friday, September 22nd. Guns, computers, Partylite stuff, Pampered Chef stuff, oil paintings, reloading stuff, old electric stove, LOTS of books, and much more.

We still have a big pile of "free stuff" people can go through -- what doesn't get taken will be thrown away during the free fall clean up day. Contact us if you want to come have a look/see!

We went to the Friday nite Beach Bums game last week. The rain held off during the game, thankfully. It was a great game. The Beach Bums finally won it by one run. We had 5 new people with us this time. Our nephew Matt was the BEST! His sister Courtney said he embarrassed her, but she apparantely didn't mind too much, because she really wanted him to come to another game with us. Both Matt and Ric had to sing along (at the TOP OF THEIR LUNGS!) to the Sponge Bob Squarepants ditty. I think both Courtney and I shrunk down in our seats and pretended to not know the guys sitting next to us! :-) Matt brought his glove to the game, but didn't get a chance to catch a foul ball. :-( His sister did appreciate the "protection" so she wouldn't have to dive under the seat each time a ball came towards our section. Everyone comments on the GREAT FIREWORKS after the game. The fireworks are the reason we ONLY go on FRIDAYS. This Friday (Sept 1st) is the Beach Bum's last regular home game. Come join us to cheer them on, enjoy the mascots and happenings between innings and see some great FIREWORKS.

Our great-niece (Zoey) turns the big 1 on Sept 1st. I believe Ric put some pics of her on Flickr if you want to see what she looks like with cake all over her face! We have another great-niece/nephew on its way. It will arrive sometime in February. We won't be able to run up to the hospital to see Mom and baby :-( It might be summer before we come back to Michigan and be able to see and hold the newest addition to the Hurd family.

OBTW --- we will be heading out of Michigan around 15October. If you want to visit with us before we go, let us know. We are both done with our respective jobs on Sept 22nd. We will still be busy packing/sorting/etc, but would love to see you before we leave if it can be squeezed in. If you know anybody that wants to buy our house and some acreage, let us know! We will have to winterize it before we leave and hope it sells before all of our emergency fund runs out. Our emergency fund would be bigger if some people would pay us back. Sorry -- couldn't resist that zinger! I know some plan on it -- just later not sooner. One person (whose name begins with a N) hasn't begun paying back her LARGE amount. She "refuses" to pay me, but has said she will pay Ric. But, of course, he hasn't seen a red cent yet! With the move we will get better about not loaning money to everyone. Since we won't have any money coming in for at least 3-4 months it will be really easy to say NO!


GreatMatt said...

I'll have to ask Courtney when she's gonna pay me my "protection" money. :-)

Debbie said...

LOL! Maybe she would have paid for your ticket to be her protection for this Friday's game! We will watch to see how the playoffs get set up, maybe there will be another game we can all see before they are done for good. Next time we want to sit closer to you to enjoy the game!

GreatMatt said...

If we could sneak another game in somehow, that would be pretty cool! As long as we have the cash anyway. Who came up with this stupid bills idea anyway! :-)