Thursday, April 01, 2004

Youth group last night wasn't what I expected. We had figured on a small group because of spring break. All but a couple of the teens had said they were going to be out of town. So of course we had more people than we've had in several months. Go figure. Anyway, it went pretty well even though what I had prepared for wouldn't have worked very well with the group we had.

Today, of course, is college. The drive down was uneventful and we are just getting ready to start our PLT. We have to hammer out a 12-page paper from what three people wrote, plus create a 20-minute presentation with Power Point slides all for class tonight. We may actually break a sweat at this meeting.

Anyway, not much else to report other than the weather is really starting to shape up into something nice. It will be great to be able to do some outdoor work this weekend and maybe even get in some time on the bike. It still drops down to freezing at night but daytime temps are 40-50 degrees F on a consistent basis. We have lost nearly all our snow. All that is left are the large snowplow piles and the snow that is in permanent shade. Even that is disappearing fast. Doesn't break my heart one bit. I haven't even been to my news sites yet, so not much to report from there.

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