Friday, January 15, 2010

First Real Day

Today was my first day as the king of my domain. And what a domain it was; no employees and not a single client in 7 hours. Woohoo! This little enterprise is off to a booming start on the first official day of tax season. But it did give me time to get the place cleaned up and organized, as well as a bit more time for me to get to the point where I can at least pretend I know what I'm doing. I'm going in again tomorrow for another day of being the king of nothing for five or six hours. I have Sunday off, then Monday it will be me and not one, not two, but three employees!

Anyway, with all this going on and sharing a single vehicle, we have done next to nothing all week other than getting to and from where we need to be, eating dinner and sleeping. The weather is supposed to be nice Sunday, so we may get out of the apartment. Or we may just sit on the couch and stare at the wall. Or maybe a little of both.

NBC's Zucker seems intent on dousing his career in gasoline and setting it on fire. Understand that we haven't made a habit of watching the networks for many years (other than a brief bit this summer). We watch some shows on Hulu and such, but mostly ones that have been off the air for years or even decades. (And may I say that most 70's TV shows really don't age well; I can't believe I used to schedule my entire life around that crap.) So I'm probably the last person to ask what's hot and what's not. But NBC just seems to suck and get more and bigger suckage delivered every morning. I never liked Leno on the Tonight Show, and liked him less on his new show. I've never understood the appeal of Conan and never found him funny enough to be worth the effort. I've only seen Fallon a couple times and was likely in an "altered state" both times, but he reminds me of a lobotomized Jerry Lewis. I can't name a single prime time NBC anything other than Castle, and that's only because of the Firefly connection. And Molly Quinn. Duh.

So with that as a painfully long setup worthy of an NBC sitcom, here is my plan to save NBC: kill the Leno show and replace it with Law and Order reruns, thereby doubling the ratings in your 10pm slot and getting the affiliates to holster the pitchforks and torches. Fire Leno, Conan and Fallon and just pay them whatever it costs to make them go far, far away. Troll a couple comedy clubs for a baker's dozen of completely unheard-of comedians. This will save you millions as these guys would work for a year for what you pay Leno per day. Rotate them through the Tonight Show and whittle them down to five so you have a different face for every day of the week. Then from the end of the Tonight Show until whatever time your morning crap starts up, fill in with Laverne and Shirley, Twilight Zone, or whatever you can dig up that's cheap. No need to worry overly-much about quality; anything is better than what you have. A test pattern is better than what you have. You're welcome.

Federal government meeting on transparency in government is closed to the press. It's not even fun when these ass-clown moral defectives make it that easy.

I have to do some serious self-reexamination when I find myself agreeing with the likes of Pat Buchanan, but I guess even a blind hog can find the occasional acorn.

Speaking of blind hogs (only these blind hogs couldn't find their snout with both hooves and a braille map), retail sales "unexpectedly" fell in December. November sales were up a bit due to Black Friday sales starting several weeks before Black Friday, then December dropped back in line with the year-long decline. How unexpected. Holy crap on a stick; whatever happened to stoning? I mean it's not like 2009 was a record year for foreclosures or anything. The economy would be fine if the scaremongers would just shut up so people would go out and spend money they don't have on crap they don't need and can use to fill up the house they lost to the bank.

Well, a bit of vegging then off to bed. Tomorrow will be here before I know it.


Debbie said...

correction --- Castle is on ABC

Ric said...

OK, so I watch nothing on NBC. Cool.