Sunday, January 10, 2010

Done and Done (or not...)

I thought I was done with taxes and tests around 11am this morning when I finished the third on-line test. Then a link to a fourth test showed up in my inbox. Took that test and passed it even though it was at least 90% stuff that was not covered in the class, and neither the class instructor nor the franchise owner said anything about a fourth test. After taking a little break from sitting on the couch to hang a few things on the wall, do some vacuuming, whatever. I came back and checked my e-mail and found the confirmation that I passed the fourth test and a link to a fifth test. OK; I realize I don't pay too close attention when people talk sometimes (Debbie interjected a "Hell, yea" when I typed that; a problem with blogging in the living room...), but I'm pretty sure there was nothing about five tests. Besides, I had barely squeaked by the fourth test; I really didn't relish the thought of spending three hours or so just to have to retake it.

Bottom line: I was done with test-taking until I had talked to somebody in charge and found out what was going on. I e-mailed the owner and he replied that I only needed to pass the first three; passing the fourth was cool and if I could pass the fifth, he needed a store manager about a half-hour drive from here and was I interested. Uh... OK. So tomorrow after I have some food, some Buffy the Vampire Slayer and some sleep, I'll be taking a crack at being a manager based on zero experience with the company and being 20+ years out of date on taxes. Maybe it's one of those if-you-can't-do-it-coach-it things. Anyway, that's where the whole job thing sits just now. And it's the only thing going right now. Out of the nearly 30 resumes I sent out the last week of December, I have received exactly one reply and that was simply an acknowledgment that my resume had been received and would be "considered." In other words, a polite way to tell me to go piss up a rope. So it looks like it will be taxes or nothing.

On the international front, we have yet-another Central or South American country attempting to generate prosperity by printing money (something a sophisticated world power like the United States would never do). It would be funny if not for the misery that will soon visit Venezuela. This experiment has been run countless times and the result is already known.

A little shaking on the west coast late last night. It doesn't look like there were any serious injuries or deaths, but it sounds like it made a bit of a mess with damage described as "pervasive but minor." At least this time.

And because I just can't resist, Europe is in a deep freeze. Eurostar broke down for the second time and had to be towed out of the tunnel, Ireland has the lowest temps in a half century and the oil is freezing in bus engines in Norway. Cold is a far bigger problem than warm.

And if you are the kind of person that likes to watch train wrecks, you will enjoy this excerpt from Game Change that describes in detail how Edwards imploded in the 2008 campaign.

Well, dinner is ready and the tummy is growling. Feed me, Seymour!!

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