Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Not Working

I'm at home again instead of at work at the restaurant. If I didn't have the bakery job, I would be working about 10 hours a week. This cannot continue if for no other reason than it simply isn't worth my time to walk downtown to scrub a few pots and help clean the floor. I'm sure I could pick up a few more hours a day at the bakery and be home in the evenings. I have my doubts that the restaurant is going to make it. We'll see. Our cruise is in less than three weeks so there isn't any need to do anything at this point, but when we get back, there will be some changes. Working even six days a week at the bakery (which closes at 5pm) would be easier than working five days a week at the restaurant (where I go to work at 6pm, unless it's slow; then I go to work at 8:30pm). Right now, it is the worst of all possible worlds working until 11pm or midnight (meaning I usually get to bed around 1 or 2am), then having to get up for work in the morning.

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