Monday, April 07, 2008

Getting Ready

We went out yesterday and spent a bunch of money getting ready for our little trip. We don't have enough clothes to last the three weeks we will be gone and there isn't any sort of coin laundry on the ship we will be on, so we bought more of... well... certain things. We also picked up a lot of odds and ends like an umbrella, sunscreen, small bottles of shampoo and such, etc. Throw in some munchies for on the plane and you have a big pile of stuff that is somehow supposed to fit into our one-suitcase-per-person limit. Yea. Right.

Work is still work. I've arranged a replacement for my bakery job, but I'm not bothering with the restaurant. I only worked about 15 hours last week. Maybe the three weeks I'm gone will make the owner realize that she has too many employees. And for me, leaving the house at 8:30pm to put in a couple hours or so is simply ridiculous.

I can smell dinner, so gotta scoot.

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