Saturday, March 22, 2008

Work, Work, Work

Now that Psycho Chef is gone, work is much quieter. As I suspected, most of the problems remain and it is slowly dawning that Chef was not the source of all evil. But I just scrub pots.

Meanwhile, I now have a second job. Scrubbing pots. The pay is the same and I will get around 20 hours a week out of it to add to the 25-30 hours I get at the restaurant. Today was the first day and it went well. The work is easy and everyone seems pleasant. The only problem is that it is a bakery. I am literally surrounded by tons of bread and cookies. I expect to weigh around 300 pounds in a few months.

Well, I have to get up "early" tomorrow. I have to get tot the bakery nearly at the break of dawn: 11am. Can you believe that?

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