Saturday, March 01, 2008

One promise kept

Happy March 1st! The past few days here have been beautiful. Cool in the morning and gets up to the upper 60's/lower 70's by afternoon. Nothing like they have been getting in Michigan!

Happy to report I kept one of my promises from my last post. I did get a personal card written and in the mail -- on the last day of the month! I haven't found those "missing" bonds or get any cards made or get any weight off.....but lets see what I can do this month. I did start the book I was talking about -- hard to go through it by myself -- just looking at the things I highlighted is depressing. That book will take awhile to work through. I have to get out to buy some ink pads and maybe some other card making stuff. I decided to send all my nieces/nephews a special "puzzle card" this year for their birthdays. I have one coming up in just over two weeks. (Jerrica -- I apologize now for how it will look. Not much practice before yours)

Next week I fly to Ft Lauderdale for a cruise conference. Will be busy with seminars, classes, trade shows, a couple ship inspections and other events. I hope to get outside sometime to enjoy their beautiful weather (70-80s) Then about six weeks after I get back from that, it is time to start packing for our cruise tour. One thing I don't like about this cruise ship is they don't have laundry facilities that passengers can use. How on earth do you pack for a 3 week trip and be able to take that luggage on an airplane?! I am really glad I am not a shoe person.

Be watching for an ugly picture to be posted soon .... I don't want to give anything away yet ... but OUCH!

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