Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Music Industry Almost Gets It

Now the music industry wants Congress to add a $5 tax to every internet connection to be distributed "equitably and fairly" to musicians. After the RIAA and the labels skim 90% of it, of course. And "musicians" means "only musicians with contracts with the major labels." The five dollars will get you unlimited access to the major labels' catalogs with some sort of DRM.

OK, Warner Music? You listening? You want to have more money than God? Take the money you are currently using to bribe lawmakers and hiring industry flacks and use it to rent a ton of disk space from the big guys like Google, UUNET, etc. Set up a subscription system for $10-$15 per month for all the DRM-free you can download. More money than God. Guaranteed. And no need to pay for whores for the entire US Congress to get it.

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