Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More Changes

I'm experimenting around with more changes to the site. First, you may notice that some things have been moved/removed over on the right side of the page. There is also a new section for what we are reading and some recently read books.

Which sort of brings me to the more significant change: we are now Amazon Associates. If you wish to buy any of the books that will eventually be listed there, we get some shiny rocks from Amazon if you use the links on our page. It isn't much, but I'm hoping it pays some of the bills associated with this blog (which also aren't much, so the universe remains symmetrical). I'm trying to get some of the other Amazon widgets to work so that you can click through to buy most anything from the Amazon site and we get a chunk of the action. I also don't like the amount of space having the cover images in the side bar takes up, so those will likely become text links. Besides, Amazon provides broken code for the image link, which I have to hand-edit to make work. Their text-only links work without me having to fuss with them. We'll see how this goes.

Again, I'm not getting much for this. If it covers the $5/month it costs me to track the stats on this site, I'll be a happy boy.

[Update: The image links have been replaced with text links. Much better, I think. Now if I could just get the flippin' search widget to work....]

[Updated Update: I have the small search widget working. Turns out the Firefox Ad Blocker plug-in was doing what it was supposed to be doing: blocking ads. I told it to ignore stuff from Amazon, and Ta-Da! it's there. I'm trying to get the newer search widget with the product category drop-down, but Firefox won't show it. IE7 does, so I suspect Ad Blocker is still getting in the way.]

[Update to the Updated Update: The larger search box will not show under Firefox, even with Ad Blocker disabled. I'm going to try clearing out all history, then shutting down and restarting Firefox.]

[Updated Update to the Updated Update: No joy; looks like I have to brave Amazon support to get this working. At least the half of my readers using IE will have no problems; the rest of you are stuck with the small, crappy Amazon search box for a bit.]

[Update to the Updated Update to the Updated Update: Uninstalled Ad Blocker, reinstalled it and told it to leave rdfrost.blogspot.com alone. All is well.]

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