Sunday, December 30, 2007

RIAA Goes Over the Edge

Everyone knows that the RIAA is run by lunatics, but this proves it beyond all reasonable doubt. The right of the owner of copyrighted material to make copies for their own personal use as well as sell their purchased copy to someone else, is well-established law. The RIAA and MPAA have tried unsuccessfully for decades to change things. Now they are using blatant extortion to accomplish what they couldn't in a courtroom. I think it is time for some RIAA smack-down. With the online file-sharing, they at least had sort of a legal leg to stand on. Now they are just proving what many have been saying all along: they are no more than thugs and should be treated as such.

The wording of the article was misleading: the RIAA was going after this guy because he was making the tracks available for download. There are still problems with that, but they are different issues than the original article raised. Still, the RIAA referred to copies of CD's I own on my computer and iPod as "unauthorized." Steaming pile of horse hockey.

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