Friday, September 16, 2005

Last night was soccer practice, Kalkaska's varsity soccer game (a 2-2 tie), a ref's meeting, and other soccer administrivia. Bottom line was I didn't get home until after 9pm. Did I mention that this soccer thing seems to be eating me alive?

Anyway, a bunch of links. First, A Stitch in Haste tackles several interrelated topics:

Perhaps They'll Give Her an SUV Instead
Why is Flood Insurance Publicly Provided?
What is 250,000 Squared?
On Chips and Chins

Here at work, we use GroupWise, Novell's scheduling, e-mail, task management, whatever else tool. The old term for it was groupware, but I haven't heard that used in a decade. In any case, the administration of GroupWise is a huge task that has been dumped on various people in our networking group over the years who already had 40-hour-per-week jobs. Well, some bright boys in IS have decided that GroupWise will be taken from the networking group and dumped into the applications group where I work. It certainly makes sense on one level, but after the recent layoffs, it's not like we have an extra full-time employee just sitting around doing nothing. So this has turned into a bit of a pissing match, which does wonders for employee moral. In any case, it seems we are not alone. Scott Adams has spies in Munson's IS department.

The Theory of Gravity is so materialistic, humanistic, and atheistic. And besides, it's just a theory. I'm glad to see that there are brave souls out there following the path blazed by the Intelligent Design crowd. Read all about Intelligent Grappling, and the fight for equal access to the public school science classrooms currently in the grip of atheistic humanists trying to turn all of our children into homosexuals.

I have to run out for some food. More in a minute.

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