Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Day Off

I had a day off today. I had to stay close to the phone in case they got swamped with last-minute tax filers, but at least I could sit around in stretchy shorts and relax.

Well, sort of.

One of the things I needed to get a jump on was laundry. Due to job changes and such, I've recently had to expand my wardrobe, so I had this pile of new clothes that needed to be washed and dried. Usually we do laundry on Sunday's, but with so much extra to do, plus the fact that I will be working tomorrow, we decided that we'd do a couple loads this morning, then the rest tomorrow.

So here I am, walking back to our place with a laundry bag full of wet clothes to hang on the line when one of the park residents comes running up to me asking for help. I come around the corner of his place to see his neighbor's feet sticking out of his door. I knew what that meant. I ran up on the porch yelling the guy's name; no response. When I got to the door, it was obvious that he was stone-cold dead. I checked to see if he was breathing or had a pulse, but nada. I got on the phone with 911, and of course per standard procedure, they wanted me doing chest compressions until EMS arrived.

So yea. I started my day today doing chest compressions for five minutes or so straight on a cold, dead naked guy.

The joys of living in a senior park.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Still Kickin'

The end is in sight; I only need to drag my tired ol' bones to Walmart five more times, then I get to relax. Well, "relax" is probably the wrong word. More like frantically try to get caught up before I start my summer job on May 1st. But compared to sitting in a metal cube in Walmart, bombarded with stupidity and other people's diseases, it will seem like sitting on a beach sipping some form of hard liquor in comparison.

I don't talk much about peak oil anymore, largely because it seems rather pointless. Most people I encounter have their heads fully stuffed into the sand and just don't want to hear that they may be required to give up their God-given right to destroy every inch of the planet. Seriously; that is why God created the world, wasn't it? So we could screw it up? Shove countless species into the hole? Leave behind a toxic wasteland for our children and our children's children? All so we can drive around in 10,000 pound SUV's festooned with "Praise JESUS!" and "Drill Baby Drill!" bumper stickers, right?

Ahem. Anyway.

John Michael Greer had a link to this little gem in his most recent column:

Peak Oil Denial Bingo!

There are a couple other keepers at that site, like the software development bingo card. Back in the day, I could have filled one of those puppies multiple times at every endless meeting I was forced to be a "participant" in. I'm so glad I now spend my summers mowing grass....

I've been in contact with my Uncle Charlie's second wife, who seems to have inherited his collection of "stuff" from his Shaverite years. I should soon have more information to post over at the Charles A. Marcoux blog that I started as a repository for everything I've been able to dig up. I recently contacted a couple of his children to get some leads and let them know what I was up to.

Well, I need to get some other work done before I have to go sit and stew in bacteria and stupid.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead

"Pastor" (not sure how anything this person ever said or did corresponds to any definition of the word) Fred Phelps, Sr., creator of the website and head of the Westboro "Baptist" (his church was not affiliated with any denomination, Baptist or otherwise) "Church" (The only members were family and a couple neighbors; the IRS yanked their 503c years ago) is dead. Maybe now he's enjoying his version of heaven where he will be sodomized for all eternity by the dead soldiers whose funerals he and his "church" desecrated. You really have to wonder about a guy who spends his entire adult life 100% focused on gay male sex. Speaking of which, has CPS ever checked up on the kids in this "church"? Do they have such a thing in Kansas? Anyway, it sounds like the whole thing started blowing itself apart in September 2013, when the church excommunicated Phelps Sr. for being too nice to gays. Or they finally discovered what many of us have assumed all along; Phelps was suffering from a classic case of self-loathing.

As a counterpoint, watch this:

Album should be available in the US this summer. Amazon has her CD listed as available on April 8th, but the price is over $40. She's supposed to be in America this summer; one would assume that will coincide with official US distribution and a more reasonable price.

And summer appears to have finally arrived. Hot, muggy and buggy. All that's left is for the snowbirds to fly back north.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Post Number 2,001

I didn't realize at the time, but the previous anniversary post is also the 2,000th post. That's a lot of typing.

Not a great deal going on at Chez Frost. We're both working our way through our respective busy seasons. I'm not working a great deal of hours, like back in the day when I would put in 60-70 hours a week during tax season, but I'm working a lot of days. I'm sitting at The Desk at least six days a week, but working short shifts. Which completely sucks. Working only five hours still pretty well screws up the rest of the day as far as getting anything else accomplished. I always have big plans, especially when I'm working the late shift, about all the things I'm going to get done in the hours that I'm not at work. Yet somehow, very little if anything seems to get done. The Stuff just piles up and up. There is no way I can get through the pile in the one day off. Fortunately, I do have a break coming up in the form of a couple 5-day weeks. The irony is that I'll likely spend my two days off doing income taxes for family and park people....

Debbie has been cranking it out big time at her work. She just set a new office record for the number of cabins sold in a single pay period. Most are still not taking insurance (which is what her bonuses are computed on), but enough of them are that she's gotten a couple big checks so far this year. Which of course go right out the door, mostly into the ever-eager arms of the Medical-Industrial Complex. It seems that's all we work for: paying medical bills. Of course, under Obamacare, that is exactly what we would be doing; sending our entire take-home pay to either our health insurance provider or to pay all the doctor bills and prescriptions that won't be covered by our expensive health insurance. Or we can just continue paying cash for our medical expenses like we've been doing for years, and give Obamacare a giant middle finger.

And that's pretty much our life at this point.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Happy Blogiversary

I've been dumping inanities on the internet for ten years as of today. At least using Blogger. There was the daynotes site before that and endless e-mail lists and forums going back to before the days of the internet (anyone remember Compuserve? Prodigy?). But this iteration started ten years ago today sitting in the cabin on our property in northern Michigan, running my laptop off a bank of deep-cycle batteries while connected to the internet at a blazing 14.4 Kbps over a phone line that General Telephone had run along the ground and hung on tree branches. Sweet.

I've dug up more Uncle Charlie info, but I don't have it together enough to make another post out of it. I just jumped on here because Debbie happened to look at the calendar today and remind me that I started this thing ten years ago today.