Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Will Smith (Briefly) Grows a Pair

So the world is all up in a tizzy because Will Smith bitch-slapped Chris Rock for making a tasteless joke about his wife. Liberal men (balls removed by feminists and stored in a jar on a shelf) jumped all over Will Smith for committing such a heinous act (Jon Katz will serve as a good example). I say, "Bravo, Will!" Of course, Hollywood being Hollywood, Will's publicist immediately pulled him aside for a quick talking-to, and Will, crying like a woman, apologized to the world for his indiscretion. But for a brief moment, one man acted like a man should act when his wife is attacked by some moron comedian.

Yes, I am aware that Will's wife talks about her medical condition. So what? That somehow makes her fair game? Who made that rule? Several members of my wife's family have the same condition. They talk about it frequently and even laugh about it. Does that mean I can make tasteless jokes at their expense? If I did, I would hope their husbands have the balls to punch me dead in the face, not just slap me.

I don't know that this post has any real point other that to say, "Well done, Will Smith. Well done!" Even if he did try to walk it all back a few minutes later.

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