Sunday, March 27, 2022

Russia, Russia, Russia!!


So anyone with friends or family that insist that our news media and government couldn't possibly be lying to us about Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc., etc., just show them this video and ask them to explain how what should have been the biggest story of the 2020 election was written off as "Russian propaganda". Now that it's too late to do anything about it, the New York Times admits that everything was true all along. No apologies, no one who was smeared as a "Putin Stooge" has been re-hired with back pay. Nothing. Not only is the MSM, our government, FBI, etc. a bunch of liars, they're don't even have enough sense to be embarrassed when caught at it.

Speaking of the Ukraine: Don't believe anything you see or hear from anyone. Russia, the US, Ukraine and everyone else is pumping out the propaganda hard and fast. As always, we have the fog of war to contend with, but that doesn't explain why footage from decades-old disaster movies is being put out there as factual coverage of the war. From my sources (some inside Russia), the war in Ukraine is going more-or-less as Russia had planned. The Ukrainian military is no longer a viable entity. There are still pockets of resistance, but they have been encircled and all supplies cut off. As far as the casualty figures being bandied about by both sides, again, I wouldn't believe any of it. And keep in mind that all the US is doing with it's propaganda and weapons is prolonging the agony for the Ukrainian people.

And speaking of Hunter's laptop, it is now more or less accepted fact that the US military was funding research into bio weapons in the Ukraine. Just like we were funding gain-of-function research at Wuhan. This is just another example of the US government being unaccountable to the American people. We (through our elected officials) made this very kind of research illegal. So the military or some branch of HHS that no one even knew existed prior to 2020 offshores the research. Perfect. Those of you who think voting actually matters, take note.

Now that Russia is the latest Great Satan, the Russia-bashing is in full bloom. Russian kids are getting the shit beat out of them at school, restaurants serving Russian food are being vandalized, Tchaikovsky (who lived and died before the Russian Federation, the Soviet Union and the Bolsheviks) has been canceled. Even my parent's church is getting into the act. I recently attended a men's prayer breakfast where the entire time of actual prayer (as opposed to stuffing our faces) was devoted to asking God to smite Putin (the latest incarnation of the antichrist if not Satan himself), smite his soldiers, smite the Russian people, etc. The longer I'm outside of Evangelicalism, the more confusing it gets. First, we had the Adoration of Trump, the most openly vile, amoral, profane human being to defile the office of President. Did he do some good things? Sure. Was he the least-bad alternative in 2016? Absolutely. But why are Evangelicals, with all their rules about proper behavior, ignoring it all in order to worship at the feet of Donald Trump? Now here we go again with pastors and other leaders in the church submitting prayers to God that fall so far outside of basic Biblical theology, they're in a different universe. But then, why would Evangelical churches be any different than every other failing institution in this country?

OK; enough for now.

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