Saturday, October 26, 2019

Mental Illness on Parade

Hillary Clinton is giving America a ring-side seat to watch her descent into madness. Like the movie Joker, the audience isn't sure if we are supposed to feel pity or loathing. Her repeated attacks on Tulsi Gabbard accusing her of treason and being a Russian asset would be hilarious if not for the fact that the media seems to be following Hillary into dementia, reporting every one of her "your a Russian asset!" accusations as absolute fact.

Then we have Nancy Pelosi going full Jack Nicholson on Trump in the middle of a cabinet meeting, complete with flying spit and shaking her finger is his face. I half expected her to launch herself across the table and try to punch him. "All roads lead to Putin!" Trump loves this shit, by the way. Goading the opposition into a complete fury, causing them to sever all ties with reason, has been Trump's go-to move for decades.

Speaking of losing all touch with reality, we have Uncle Joe, groper of children, smell-tester of women's hair, out on the campaign trail spinning yarn after yarn while the media continue to refer to him as the only serious candidate for the Democratic ticket. Trump would love nothing better than to run against a gaff machine like Biden. When will the establishment Democrats and the media cut their losses and quietly nudge Biden off-stage? Are they so terrified of a candidate that makes even a modest attempt at being truly liberal, as in liberating the working class, that they are willing to guarantee a second Trump term?

And lest anyone conclude that I only think the Democratic half of the ruling oligarchy is mad, let's talk about the Ass Clown in Chief and his loyal sidekick, Mike Pence, the most radical fundamentalist in politics since John Ashcroft. It says something about how much the average American hates/distrusts Hillary that someone running for president as a joke (and you know it started as a joke, right?) gets himself elected. He has no relevant experience and proves every day that he is unfit for office. He has violated so many laws that impeachment would be a cakewalk if the Democrats were actually interested in removing him from office. Instead, they whinge about make-believe stories that come from the fevered imagination of Mad Dog Maddow. Maybe something deep in their sub-conscious minds is telling them that President Pence would be even less to their liking than President Trump. Meanwhile, Trump stomps around like some half-blind Godzilla putting paid to the US economy and embarrassing the entire nation every time he meets with another head of state. I'd ask God to help us, but He's likely too busy trying not to piss Himself while laughing at us. American Exceptionalism my ass....

For a different form of mental illness, we can take a peak at the churning madhouse called Facebook. Debbie had shared some lady's thoughts on self-checkouts and how they cost jobs. There was one person who insisted repeatedly that it didn't matter that every one of her counter-arguments had been shot down, "Progress is unstoppable!" First, as every general in all of human history who has declared that his forces are "unstoppable" has discovered, nothing is unstoppable. Second, how do you define "progress"? If you mean the replacement of all meaningful work by machines, how is that progress? When two-thirds of the population are permanently unemployed, do you really believe we will all be sitting on a sunny beach sipping mai-tai's? Are you aware that automation and offshoring has already resulted in 17% of the male working-age population not even bothering to look for work? Read a history book and find out what happens when a society fails to find something meaningful for its young men to do. Then think about all the hate being directed at white males in particular and ask yourself why would they not decide that bricks and Molotov cocktails are the only available option left?

I know; I promised my three readers that I would start keeping these short(er), so I'll shut up now.

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