Thursday, February 04, 2010


My bad, it was an endodontist, not an orthodontist that I was referred to for my root canal. After 2+ hours yesterday -- I have a new root canal plus a special small green drainage port. Yep .... it was so infected that they had to make an incision in the gum and insert a small green drainage port to help drain off the infection. I have a followup appt next week to have the port removed and finish things up.

The pain pills they gave me did not help completely. I decided to take today off to recuperate. My jaw is so sore and it hurts to open it more than a little bit. It also feels like it is still swollen up. Figured if I took the day off and didn't talk most of the day -- I should be okay to go back to work for Friday and Saturday. I do have to run in tonight for our regularly scheduled training, but that is after office hours and I won't have to talk much -- mostly listening.

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