Friday, September 01, 2006


Until we are done at our current jobs! YEAH!!!!!
Until the auction -- hopefully yeah -- lots of money!

What's new in our busy life?

Ric just got some RXs filled and we saw the "normal cost" -- ouch! I wonder how many we can go into Mexico and buy? If we both get jobs only at Arcosanti, they don't get health benefits until after A YEAR! That might be the deciding factor for me to find something else as a travel agent to get medical benefits sooner. Plus, I still like what I do (except for those people who don't know what they want!)

Still sorting/cleaning/packing things up. We found out we should repack the books and auction things in boxes we don't want back. (or make it well known our totes are not included) I stopped at two stores today and got some egg boxes. Now time to repack and label a few boxes of books. At least we have 3 weeks until the auction. It will go too fast, I know. We hope to get alot accomplished this long weekend. (Anybody want to volunteer to come help?! Stop at the grocery stores on your way here and ask for boxes!)

Had fun with strawberries and strawberry whip cream! ;-)

Thanks to Ric's Dad, I have been well supplied with fresh tomatoes. I love summer and tomatoes. I wonder how well they will taste in Arizona? I know I will miss having Koegel bologna/pickled bologna/hotdogs etc in Arizona. (At least I think they don't sell Koegel's down there)

Somebody is at it again --- drinking and cutting. Apparantely this time she cut too deep and "almost bled to death" She told Ric the reason she didn't go to the hospital was because they would probably commit her. Yeah---they would think she was trying to commit suicide and have her in the psych ward faster than you could blink an eye. She is still probably good at blaming others for what she does and trying to make them (and the person/people she tells about it) guilty.

Well---back to repacking those books. I had to come in to get a list of what was in each big tote before I started sorting down to small boxes. Tonite is the last regular Friday nite Beach Bums game and FIREWORKS!!! We will be there again. They won last night against the team that is in first currently. We play them again tonite. It should be a good game. Good teams and nice sunny weather -- grab me a brat or burger and I'll be all set!

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