Tuesday, September 19, 2006

About Time!

Finally, rational thought wins out over BS. The only news that could be better would be that Carson and Ruckleshaus are being charged at the Hague for mass genocide.

As you can tell from the sadly neglected blog, we are still somewhat preoccupied with the upcoming auction and relocating to Arizona. After the last week, I'm feeling better about where we are at. It will be tight, but we'll make it. Getting the auction stuff out of the house and garage will help a great deal with clearing some space we can use to unpack, sort, and re-pack what we have left after multiple garage sales, a week-long freecycle give-a-way, dump day, and just showing up at people's homes with bags of stuff that we "think they need." We started out with a volume of stuff that was simply amazing. I have no clue where it all came from, but I'm certainly glad that it's gone (or going very shortly). We are still a long way from being lean-and-mean, but we are a great deal closer than we were two months ago.

If you are in the Traverse City area on Friday, come check out the Frost Liquidation Auction at the American Legion Hall at 5pm!

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