Monday, October 31, 2005

I tired and decidedly not a happy camper today, so this will be short.

I've added another new blog. It belongs to a Panda's Thumb contributor with whom I had a short correspondence. Good stuff from the Land Down Under.

And it's deja vu all over again. Can anyone say, "Donor fatigue?"

I found out this weekend that an aunt and uncle suffered a total loss of their home Florida to Wilma. It was a new, cash purchase that they had not been able to get insurance for due mainly to foot-dragging by the insurance companies. The sale was finalized after they left Florida this spring, meaning they didn't even stay one night in it before it was destroyed.

For decades, the airline industry has been in and out of bankruptcy court and begging for government hand-outs. Scott Adams clearly shows why this is, and, more importantly, why the major carriers should be allowed to collapse. Name any industry that treats its customers with such contempt.

Vox Day is often accused of being a sexist pig. Well, he is in good company because now Maureene Dowd is saying much the same thing. Of course, I'm sure it is still somehow all men's fault. I'm holding my breath waiting for the flood of apologies from the female flamers. OK, so I'm not really holding my breath. I'm not that stupid. Somehow all I expect to hear is a deafening silence from the screeching buzz saws. The bottom line is you can't fight biology.

And that's really all I can deal with today.

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