Tuesday, September 14, 2004

We are getting closer to having phones at the house. Friday, two technicians from Maylone Enterprises came by the house to do a site survey. It worked, and they had what they needed to do the install of the outside equipment. Someone is supposed to come by this week and install the inside equipment. That will get us high-speed internet access. Then we can get set up for a voice-over-IP connection. We may even be able to keep our current phone number. We will have to see how everything shakes out.

The weekend was typically busy. Saturday, I took a bunch of people out to the dunes as part of our missionary conference. And of course, Sunday was Sunday. The bottom line is that I didn't get much accomplished around the house. So last night I decided to skip homework and try to make some progress in getting the solar panels hooked up. All the ground wires are run, the outside combiner box is set, and the primary line is buried going into the power shed. If I can get a couple more hours, I can have everything hooked up. The trick is finding those couple hours.

Not much exciting on tap for the week. Tonight I get to do dog duty because Debbie has some sort of hen party. I will probably only be there for an hour or so just to feed the dogs and mess with them for a little while. If it is still daylight when I get home, I may try to get a little more work done out at the power shed.

I just talked to the tech guys from Maylone Enterprises again. They want to come out today and install the indoor equipment. Of course, I can't get in touch with my parents, which means I will have to take another day off work, drive home, take care of all that, then drive halfway back to work to do the dog thing. Ah well. At least we are making some serious progress on the whole communication front. With all the things we can cancel out, the money will be a wash and we will finally have high-speed internet access. The only thing we lose is the web site at rdfrost.com. We will keep the domain and transfer the e-mail addresses over to Yahoo. As long as Blogger stays in business (something far more likely now that Google is involved) the web site won't be missed much.

That's it for now. I need to find my parents or start hoofing it home.

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