Thursday, May 02, 2013

Updated Pics

I haven't posted a picture of our Simon and Garfunkel herb garden (plus tomato plant) in a while:

Looks good except I planted waaaay too much parsley.
So far, everything is doing well in the Florida climate. Summer may be a different story.

And a couple pics of the inside of the Florida room, which still looks like a construction site:

Finishing up on the inside so we have something to hang drywall from.

Cutting and fitting all those little bits of wood is a real pain; it takes forever and doesn't look like you've accomplished anything. But it's finally done. I still need to sort the electrical out; it should only take a day, but I'm sure there will be surprises. Big, ugly, nasty surprises.
We'll get settled some day. Maybe.

From the if-there-is-any-doubt-the-universe-has-a-sick-sense-of-humor department: Just because I was whinging about how dry it has been here, it has been raining pretty much since I posted that. Not a bad thing for the garden, but I need to mow the lawn again after just mowing it on Sunday. I'll be happy when there are more beds and less lawn.


Anonymous said...

Hey U 2 - TOMATO plant :) the place is looking good - bet U can't wait to get it All finished? But of course U do know there is always "something around the corner" :)

Ric said...

Always. This place is full of little "Easter Eggs" from 40 years of bored old men fiddling with the plumbing, electrical, venting, footings....