Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Slow Season

During our office's very-non-busy busy season, I kept thinking that things couldn't possibly get any slower. I was wrong. In two days, I've done exactly one tax return. Thank the gods for the internet, which keeps me endlessly entertained. I can't imagine any way this can end well for the owner, but in the meantime, I get to set at work and get paid to do what I would be doing while setting at home unemployed. Good for me until the paychecks start bouncing. From what I can tell, the other office seems to be picking up some of the slack, but I doubt it will be enough.

In other tax related news, we finally have the last bit of paper so we can file our taxes. I've been waiting for a W-2 from my last job in Arizona. They went out of business shortly after I quit and I had no reliable way to contact them. I had attempted to before leaving Prescott, but I had no idea if I had gotten through. We renewed the forwarding order from Prescott just in case and waited the IRS-prescribed time. Of course, because I sat on the phone for an hour yesterday waiting for the next available IRS agent in order to get the ball rolling from that end, the W-2 was sitting in our mail box when we got home. So now we are all happy-happy joy-joy and get to finally file our 2009 taxes, officially putting the worst year of our lives behind us.

In weather-related news, our luck ran out yesterday. The last two big storms that hit the east coast slid south of us thanks to a mass of cold air sitting on top of New England. This last one hit us dead on. We still aren't getting what I would consider a lot of snow (6-8 inches), but you wouldn't know that by the panic-y voices on the radio announcing a seemingly-endless list of school and other government-related closures. Funny how six inches of snow will close every school, senior center, and tax-funded agency, yet all the private business manage to be open. Hmmmmm....

Nothing has really caught my eye the last couple days, so no long, tedious bloviations with random links embedded in them today.

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