Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mmmmm Good!

Yesterday after work we made a quick run into Hannafords since they had a sale on 12pks of pop and Lay's chips. Once we both had a shopping cart with our 4 12pks and 4 bags of chips, we decided to get some ice cream.

Edy's had a couple Limited Edition flavors that sounded great to us. I got Strawberry Cheesecake and Ric got Girl Scout Thin Mint ice cream. We started with a couple small spoonfuls right after lunch. Then part way thru the evening, we just got the whole container and a spoon and started to eat right out of the carton. (Bowls are for wusses!) Neither of us could finish the whole carton, so we do have more left for today. But, I doubt it will last after today.


steve said...

is it "pop" in NH or soda?

Unknown said...

NH says soda, but I will always refer to it as pop. We had the same problem in AZ and when we traveled to Alabama to visit Ric's sister and niece.