Thursday, February 25, 2010

Liquid Snow

We wondered how is was supposed to continue to snow when the low temperature last night was 39 degrees. The answer is, it didn't. Snow that is. But it has been raining continuously for the last 16 hours which is saturating the snow we got yesterday and snapping off tree limbs and power/phone/cable lines like crazy. The roads and parking lots are all flooded because the storm drains are buried under several feet of very compacted snow that was plowed off yesterday.

All this is obviously having some impact on business as I'm blogging-while-working. Well, "working" is probably not the most accurate description.

Finally got some photos up on Flickr. We found a cool little river and a wooden bridge over it while driving all over the place last Sunday. There is also a couple pictures of Debbie showing off her top she bought with her birthday money.

That's pretty much it. Back to being really bored. I need to start bringing a book.

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