Thursday, February 04, 2010

Big Catch-all Post

As Debbie said, she was feeling pretty rough this morning, so she blew off work; but when I got home, she was feeling a little better and decided to go in for the training on the new system rather than taking the chance of missing something important. So I'm taking advantage of my time alone for the usual wild and crazy stuff I like to do whenever I'm bachelorin' it.

Like writing long, rambling blog posts.

Why is it every time I hear someone talking about an awards show, I feel a rush of relief that I don't pay $50/month to have that crap pumped into my house in HiDef? Why would anyone?

How long before we have stuff going on in our networks that resembles a mammalian body vs. bacteria, viruses and parasites?
When it comes to cybersecurity, Darpa’s taking inspiration from nature, with “Cyber Immune” — a defense model for the Pentagon’s computing systems that’s able to detect an attack, fight back and even heal itself automatically to prevent subsequent infiltration.

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