Thursday, June 11, 2009

Every time I see a video of Daniela Mercury performing, I'm amazed all over again. This video is from the end of one of her typical, hours-long, non-stop performances:

And no, you're not seeing things; About five minutes in, likely overcome by exhaustion and the audience chanting her name, she starts crying. The rough translation (not by me) of her speech after she collects herself:
You have no idea how crazy and thrilling it feels to be on this stage, trying to do something new in a city that has such a strong and wonderful music. And it's because of this amazing traditional music that I try to reinvent my life and work as an artist. I truly believe we should always focus on the future, moving forward. Brazil has everything it takes to make it work and become a great country, and I believe in that and fight for Brazilian music everywhere I go!

Samba is my root
My national anthem
My way of praying
My carnival

Thank you, Salvador, for respecting my madness and freedom of living!

Gotta learn me some Portuguese.

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