Thursday, June 11, 2009

Digital TV Tries Again

It looks like we will try to implement digital-only TV once again at 12:01am tomorrow. According to that article, there are 2.8 million households that will not have TV in the morning, which sounds like an impressive number until you realize that it's about 2.5% of households. I doubt someone knocked on every door, meaning this number is an extrapolation from a very small sample of households who were contacted on the phone. Those types of surveys usually have error bars in the 2-3% range. I'm also willing to bet that many of the households who say they are not ready for digital-only TV are like my parents and don't realize that they have been watching digital TV exclusively for years through their dish. But assuming the figure does represent actual households, it just shows that some people are incapable of planning even a few hours ahead.

And then they voted.

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