Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Still no phones at the Frost household. I have a company coming out today or Friday to do a site survey for wireless. Maybe in the next couple weeks we will have a way to contact the outside world. Maybe.

This weekend was busy as expected. Saturday we were in Flint for a 50th wedding anniversary for some friends from the church I grew up in. Then Sunday was pretty much Sunday with a last-minute end-of-summer pool party after the evening service. Monday, I was up at 7am to haul a tractor from Mancelona down to the church to do some work on the site of our future ball diamond, then haul it back. It was cool because I've never had a chance to haul anything big with my truck before. No problems at all.

That took until around 1pm, and I had two other projects to work on. One was outside (getting the solar panels hooked up) and the other was inside (rewiring the well pump). I got rained off the outside job, then got stuck trying to figure out how to use the timer to start the well pump. The documentation that came with it leaves much to be desired. Whoever wrote it assumed that anyone buying such a thing already knows how it works. Well, I didn't. The bottom line was I ended up working on homework most of the evening, which needed to be done as well.

Yesterday was work and dinner at a house Debbie will be dog sitting at. The owners thought it would be a good idea to get acquainted with the dogs before they left town. That took up the whole evening. The dogs look to be a lot of fun; a Great Dane and a medium-sized mutt. Both are friendly, although it took the Great Dane a bit to get used to me. She lives with all females, so a male in the house was a new experience for her. But I won her over with my wit and charm. As usual.

Today is a bit of a day off. Not from work, but at church; we are starting our missionary conference tonight, so I don't have to teach. It will be fun just to sit with everyone else and listen for a change.

Anyway, that's it. You will know when we get internet access because this place will finally start being updated on a more routine basis. Until next time...

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