Monday, September 20, 2004

I played golf Saturday. I'm not admitting to my score in public, but I think it had to have been some sort of new club record. Now I am stiff and sore. Sunday was Sunday except for a highlight on Sunday night. One of our new believers in the youth group was baptized. There were some other disturbing things, but I really don't care right now.

Today was Monday all day. Work was work, then home for my favorite: bills. As usual, our bank accounts are just pipelines that our money flows through from our employers to our creditors. The American dream my butt. More like a nightmare. If we can just hang on for another 45 days, all will be well. Or better at least. That will be when I go back to 40-hour weeks for the first time in three years or so. Then it is catch up time.

I continue to rebuild my blog template that Blogger so kindly destroyed (and never bothered to respond to my request for a restore). These guys are as unresponsive as the network people at work. If I ever ignored my customers the way these guys do, I would have been fired in my first week. I guess it's different in the PC world.

Anyway, it is way past bedtime.

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