Saturday, December 24, 2022

Merry Christmas?

I usually post some funny videos for Christmas, but (and I know I've already said this several times) I'm just not feeling it this year. Part of it is that the damn doctors have been cutting on me again, most likely for no good reason whatsoever. The surgery was relatively minor, but because of where the incisions are located, I can't sleep in bed. The recliner isn't bad for sleeping per se, but I tend to wake up every hour or so, then call it quits after about four or five hours of "sleep". 

I know. First World problems.

And just to rant a bit (yea, yea; I know) what the hell is up with that little twerp Zelenskyy waltzing into the Congress of the United States dressed in a sweatshirt and demanding more money? And as if that were not bizarre enough, the couple of Congress critters who did not stand and applaud the little shit endlessly were called Putin-supporting fascists. This wrongthink shit is right out of Orwell's 1984. Look. Is it so hard to think that the Russian invasion is wrong and that Zelenskyy is a corrupt little dirtbag who is using aid to his country to buy mansions all over Europe? The bastard has shut down Orthodox churches, seized their money and put priests in jail. How does that make him a defender of freedom and democracy?

And all of it so Pelosi's husband's Raytheon stock goes up in price.

Enough. Try to forget about Western Civilization circling the drain for a day or so and have a... 

Merry Christmas.

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