Sunday, August 01, 2021

The Jab

I refused the Covid "vaccine" largely for personal reasons: I've already lost several organs and the use of my legs due to some sort of autoimmune disorder. The last thing I needed was to have myself injected with something linked to autoimmune disorders. I was simply not willing to take the risk especially given that it was completely unnecessary; I've already had and recovered from Covid-19. 

And as it turns out, the CDC now admits that after jabbing over half the country (and making billions for the virus-makers) we have evidence that the "vaccines" do nothing. They do not prevent infections or transmissions, and even the claim that they make infections less severe is looking shaky. Just to repeat, this isn't from some conspiracy theory, Q-Annon BS website. This is from the CDC. Ya know, "The Science".

All downside and no upside. No way in hell will I ever get jabbed.

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