Friday, September 19, 2014

Standing on the Box

So I've been back in school for the last week. I've got a new gig for the nine months of the year that I'm not doing taxes: security. Yea, I'm That Guy you see at ball games and concerts rummaging through purses or standing around looking important. In Florida, you have to spend forty hours in class, pass not one, but two tests, and blow over $200 in fees.

To stand.

I feel safer already.

We really haven't done much lately. Days are just sort of going by without much to show for them. We have been playing with plants that were given to us. Our side yard is beginning to fill up with green stuff.  Here is where things stand at this point:

My parents' hibiscus has been doing well back here, so we got one of our own.
Some sort of night-blooming cactus. Ugly as sin, so we sort of hid it on the other side of the car.

Vine with clusters of white flowers. We're hoping it will eventually cover most of the frame over our parking spot. The canvas cover that went on the frame never surfaced, and we've been trying to figure out what we were going to do with it. Trellis is as good an idea as any other.

No idea what this is.

No idea what this is either.

Looks like some type of philodendron, maybe? It had been a bit scorched by the sun before we got it. Seems to be perking up nicely.

Ginger that had gotten a bit toasted in direct sun.

We also need to relocate several plants from the small bed on the south side of the trailer to the shady side. The afternoon heat in summer is too much for some of what we stuck there. And I've finally gotten the round tuit I needed to finish pulling out all the random weeds and grass that volunteered in the big dirt patch and sowed wild flower seed. We'll see if that does anything.

So off to get some sleep so I'm ready to be on my feet for twelve hours.

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