Friday, December 06, 2013

Catching Up (Not)

We got behind on things in the weeks prior to the cruise, then we were on the cruise for a week making it worse. Since we've been back, everything we manage to knock off the to-do list gets replaced by two more. We're starting to feel like George Jetson:

So rather than try to write anything substantial, I'll just steal random things from others.

Yea. Facecrack. Just Say No.

We used to have huge flocks of starlings around Flint, Michigan when I was growing up. I remember my fourth-grade teacher using her whistle to scare up the flock that would roost in the trees behind the school to show us the flock murmurations. It was pretty cool, but nothing like this:

Well, off to try to whack away at the ever-expanding to-do list.
[Edited to add a bit more fun]

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