Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rain, Rain, Rain

I know this is the wet season and all, but this is getting silly. Normally, the mornings are dry and the rain comes sometime in the afternoon when I'm ready to quit playing in the dirt anyway. But the last couple of days, the rain has been starting at 9am, trapping me indoors. I had hoped to have the patio under the clothesline done by now. This is the most current photo I have of the work so far. I managed to get a bit more done on Monday, but I every time I get the camera out, it starts raining again. Anyway, here is the small bit of progress from last week:

I was able to complete the partial rows, but that only puts me at a bit less than half done. I'll need another load of blocks to finish it. (A hundred patio blocks sounds like a lot until you start throwing them on the ground.) After I bought the last load, I found out the place I get them from has a different way of selling them that will save me about 15¢ a block. That doesn't sound like much, but by the time I'm finished with everything, I'll have close to 500 patio blocks in neat little rows.

Because it has been so wet, we've had a bumper crop of mushrooms. This was next to the herb garden when we got up Sunday morning:

 Everywhere these pop up, the ground keeps sinking, so I'm assuming the 'shrooms are busy feeding on the roots of trees that were cut down at some point.

Other than that, not much to report other than it's still raining. On the plus side, at least we have time to plow through all the books we checked out at the library last week. We were a little off our annual pace of book consumption, so a few rainy days will help us get back on track.

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