Thursday, April 11, 2013

Latest Work

The latest bits we've sunk into the money pit:

We moved the slider that was originally between the trailer and the Florida room onto the front of the Florida room. The original door didn't fit right and the screens and plastic "windows" were in pretty bad shape. In other words, the whole thing was pretty much for show and didn't keep out wind, rain, bugs, stray cats....

The Beast. The $4,500 Beast. The good news is that we'll make that back in no time with all the money we'll save having a new, more-efficient AC. The salesman said it, so it must be true.

The Florida room more or less ready for siding and some new skirting. Maybe in May or June.
Only four days left to tax season. I think I'll take a couple days after April 15th to just sleep.

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