Saturday, December 29, 2012

Year-End Interregnum

I'm still pursuing job leads, with one that looks a bit promising. I don't want to go all blabby and jinx the thing, but it's probably the strongest lead I've had since we moved to Zephyrhills. The problem is that the multiple steps necessary mean I'm stuck hanging around the house waiting for phone calls and/or e-mails. Not that the weather has made me really want to run outside. Since Thursday, we've had nothing but heavy overcast, rain, and temps in the 60's (brrrrrr!).

So while I can't leave the house, I'm cleaning a month's worth of photos off the camera, catching up on our bookkeeping, scraping off the foot of dust on everything, blah, blah, blah.

Speaking of cleaning off the camera:

Inaugural Cruise on Celebrity's Reflection:

Debbie in the Big Chair

Ricky in the Big Chair

Reflection at Night

Celebrity's Big X

Sunset at Sea

Migraine Clock
We have several neighbors who get into Christmas lights:


Fence Decorations

Tree Decorations

Santa and Snoop Dawg.
And photos from Thursday's trip over to Animal Kingdom. Note to self: Never go anywhere near Disneyworld  the week between Christmas and New Years. We're used to the other parks being crowded, but Animal Kingdom is usually much less so. Not Thursday. We had to park further from the gate than we ever have before, and simply attempting to walk down the streets in the park was nearly impossible. But we did get a glimpse of Jabali:



New Kids on the Block

Bald Eagle in the Flights of Wonder Show


Grumpy Kitty

Hungry Kitty

Sleepy Kitty

No clue what this thing is or why it's standing on its knees.
Well, I should stop messing about here and get on my inside work. The weather is supposed to clear tomorrow, so with a bit of luck, I'll get some outdoor work done as well.

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