Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More Home Improvement

Still messing around in the front of our place. I got 1/4 of our Simon-and-Garfunkel herb garden in a few days go:

The inside of our car and my work gloves have a wonderful rosemary scent to them now. I'll probably get some thyme started next. The sage may need to be grown from seed; I haven't found a local source for plants, which is usually an indication that something doesn't do well in the local climate. But I've found dozens of pages on the web from people who swear that sage does well in Florida's beach sand soil as long as you don't try to plant it in the middle of a bog. So as some point, I'll order some seeds and see what happens. I also got some aloe vera planted along the side of the porch. The stuff is like a weed down here, so that should fill in fairly quickly.

Today I finished up getting our house number and lot number painted on the posts and hanging all our Arcosanti bells:

Now our pizza delivery guy will have an easier time finding us, not to mention that we're now in compliance with the park rules.

That's pretty much all I've gotten done; we've been too busy socializing for me to get to all the things on my ever-growing to-do list. With Thanksgiving coming up, I don't expect to get much more done for the rest of this week, but if I do, I'll throw a couple pictures up here.

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