Friday, April 13, 2012


We're currently on pause, like a DVD while everyone takes a pee-pee break. There are a couple things I need to work on over the next few days, but pretty much everything is just on hold waiting for the word to be given whether we jump or stay. Whenever we get into this situation, it's always a weird place to be. I want to do stuff, get started, but started doing what exactly? So I'm making bread.

Earlier this week, I ran across this excerpt from one of Dr. King's later sermons:

The full sermon is here:

The entire speech is relevant to our current situation as the World's Incompetent Empire, but there is a special part in there that Evangelical Christians, who have been in the forefront screaming for the blood of our "enemies", need to pay particular attention to.

If we ever needed a Dr. King, it's today. Instead we have the ungrammatical burblings of convicted rapist Mike Tyson calling for the assassination of George Zimmerman. If this is the best spokesperson the "black community" can come up with, then its members shouldn't be surprised to find themselves swept into history's dustbin.

Well, it's time to punch down my bread dough. Later.

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