Friday, January 20, 2012

Beautiful Day Off

This is our last day off together this month --- and we are heading to Disney World!

With the schedules and Ric being sick around the holidays, we did not make it to DW during the Christmas season to take pictures. :-( This year -- no matter what -- we are going after the decorations are up and checking out each park and some of the hotels.

Cool this morning -- but suppose to warm up to the upper 70's -- great day for trekking around at Disney World.


Anonymous said...

About time U kids made it there again - Hope U had a WONDERFUL and PEACEFUL time - LOVE, Mom

Ric said...

It was a good Disney Day; the weather was perfect, the parks were mostly empty and we even figured out how to take the little ferry boats from Hollywood Studios to Epcot. A good day all around.