Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Hampshire, Eh?

It doesn't snow there, does it? At least that's what I've heard.

I'm thinking we'll be much happier there from cultural perspective (certainly not from a weather perspective...); interview on Friday, phone call Monday AM with a job offer. Dealing with people who can make an actual decision is so refreshing after months of dealing with certain other people (-cough- Florida AAA -hack- -spoit-) who make me wonder how they manage to dress themselves in the morning.

Anyway, Debbie's start date is November 30, so we'll probably drive out later this week or early next week, find an apartment, then come back here to pack up and drive all our stuff out to live in New England for a while. Neither of us have ever been there, so at least it will be interesting to go out exploring once the snow melts in the spring. I plan to hibernate through the winter under a pile of fleece blankets. Why humans ever decided that living north of the Mason-Dixon was a good idea is completely beyond me.

In other news, I spent the majority of yesterday trying to rid Debbie's mom's PC of that nasty fake anti-virus thing. Software companies lately seem to pride themselves in screwing up people's PC's (Flash defaulting the option to install a trial version of McAfee, AVG installing the Yahoo! toolbar virus by default, even when you tell it not to), but disabling a user's anti-virus, disabling parts of the OS, then offering to clean up the mess they created in exchange for money, must step over some sort of legal line. In fact, I'm pretty sure it does. And if they accept payments, that means they can be tracked down and executed. Or at least put out of business and their assets seized. But I suppose it's more important to imprison people for completely harmless activities like paying for sex or smoking pot.

Couple quick news items: printing 10's of trillions of monopoly money is having the predictable (and predicted) effect. Yes, the current price of gold is more about speculation than any real inflation for now, and in fact, there are still huge deflationary pressures at the moment. But that speculation is being fueled by the actions of morally-defective politicians the world over who are doing everything they can to create another debt-fueled economic bubble. In the 1980's, it was a debt-fueled bubble in stocks, "fixed" by creating a housing bubble, followed by the internet bubble, then another housing bubble. If you can guess which part of the economy is next (health care? "green" energy? alternative fuel cars?), you could stand to make a lot of money.

And by the way; holy crap do I regret not buying gold at $300/ounce when I had the chance.

I can hardly contain my excitement over the fact that dirty politics Chicago-style is now the national norm. For now, it's government union thugs beating up blacks who refuse to participate in stereotypical black behavior. Who's next on the hit list? Anyone who doesn't believe Obamacare will solve the world's problems? Jews? (Always a favorite; just google "Crown Heights".) Any parents who refuse to force their children to participate in the government's mass re-education camps disguised as public schools? Any business who has the audacity to be successful without government subsidies? Next time, instead of being dragged into court and publicly humiliated, will Bill Gates be roughed up by SEIU thugs for paying insufficient attention and tribute to the Imperial City? What about anyone who questions why a half-black, half-Polynesian mulato is our "first black president" rather than our "first Polynesian president"?

Enough of that. On a lighter note, a video made as an introduction for a former youth pastor of my parents' church:

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