Saturday, June 03, 2006

More of the same

What a difference in the weather from last weekend. Last weekend it was in the high 80's (low 90's Mon), this weekend it may have gotten to the low 70's (and cold rain) We went to another couple open houses today. At the first one(Lacee's), we fought the rain part of the time we were there. Luckily they had a big open sided tent set up. Great back yard they had....beautiful! Next we went to another of our "honorary nieces" -- Casey. This is the one that is moving all the way to California next Sat :-( I will really miss her! We wish her luck there and hope she keeps in touch.

Tomorrow I'll be busy at the church ... I got talked into substituting for two different people in the nursery ... so, I'll be in there for Sunday school and evening service. The regular service is when we present the gradutates with their Bibles and quilts, so I"m glad I don't have to cover the nursery then.

Nothing else really new .... still no talk .... not too busy at the travel agency. Ric can breathe thru his nose! can't really smell yet and he thinks he has a sinus infection again! He has his follow up appt with the surgeon this coming week. It will interesting to see what he has to say.

I noticed the comment on the last post asking about Ric posting. He can't access the site at work and was having problems with Zandros on his computer at home. I"m not sure if he can access and post now and choses not to or can't access it yet. Keep on bugging him if you want him back! I"m getting tired of seeing just my posts too!


Anonymous said...

Ric ------ would like to hear more from you ---- you had alot of interesting/controversial things that I liked to peruse periodically

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Ric, it's been awhile since you've had anything to say. Whatz up?

Anonymous said...

been awhile since you have had any controversial things at all posted here sometimes wasn't sure what side you were on, maybe that was the point, you weren't on either side. Some things have good points on both sides