Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy March

Happy March to you all. I can't believe it is March already, this year is flying by so far.

This past Saturday, after working til 2pm, I came home and we all headed over to find Shanty Creek/Schuss to watch the slush cup. It was a great day out ... cold, but the sun was shining. We got there just before things began, so we didn't have great spots to watch. Ric, being the tallest could see part of the water at first. Near the end, some of the crowds left and we had better viewing. This is the first time we went to see the slush cup. For those who have never heard of it ... basically you snowboard or ski (without poles) down the hill to a long pool of water (warmed to a nice 65 they said) and try to get all away across the water "hazard". It was fun to watch the ones that took a nose dive or sank near the end (not enough speed coming in) It was great to see somebody make it all the way across. Quite a few made it across without too much mishap. The clothes/and props were kinda cute too.

Sunday after I got home from church we finally moved the desk I bought from work that has been sitting in the kitchen/dining area to it's new place. Ric gets the new desk .. lots of space for the lap top and a place to work. I also decided to rearrange the living area downstairs while we were moving other things. We found a problem ... hopefully not major. The corner where we had the TV cabinet has mold/discoloration on the cement block near the floor. It affected about 3 or 4 rows high. We scrubbed it with bleach water and turned a fan on it for a few hours to get it really dry. That corner will now be open (until I move things again!) and we can keep an eye on it. We are really hoping we don't have mold problems with our new house!!!! (Especially with all of Ric's allergies)

Today I'm off since I worked Saturday. Getting some things done around the house. I offered to take Nestina to Kalkaska to pick up/turn in applications, but she said she isn't feeling too well. She really needs to get a job. It really bothers me that she won't go get a job, but until it hurts her monetarily, it may not happen. We will see. She is suppose to moving down to North Carolina the end of May/first of June. She will be moving in with her two brothers and her Mom. She has an European Contiki Vacations trip planned (graduation gift) for May 12-22 and then planning on getting things together to move. Her brother Adam is suppose to be taking a bus up to help her with packing and driving down. It will be nice to see him again ... he will be staying here until they leave....much easier to help with the packing and such at all hours of the day.

Time to find some lunch. Thanks for listening to a bit of our life/and grumblings.

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