Thursday, January 06, 2005

The discussion about the possible causes of homosexuality continues here. It is all worth thinking about, even if it isn't all that PC. That in itself is probably reason enough to think about it.

Small group at youth group last night. People were out of town, at games, with family, etc. Still, it was a good time.

Today we finally got some snow. I had wondered if the white stuff was ever coming back. We only got three or four inches, but downstate got hit pretty hard. In any case, I should be plowing, but we had a meeting with the youth leaders here tonight, and I am taking the truck in to get a U-joint replaced tomorrow. I guess I will plow tomorrow evening. I need to get to Home Depot for some supplies. We need to try for at least a temporary occupancy permit by the end of January. Everyone is on our case to finish the house. I'm not sure why; it is complete enough to live in as it is, so why do I have the county code office and my insurance office on my case? Our house insurance doubled because the house is vacant. It was vacant last year and the year before and there was no problem, but all of a sudden because it is vacant this year, it's this huge deal. Not that it has ever been truly vacant; we have used it since it was dried in and have lived in it full time for the last year. I'm about to tell them all to go screw themselves.

In any case, just another exciting day at the Frost household.


Anonymous said...

Wow somebody must be upset to say something such as "i'm about to tell them all to go screw themselves"

Admin said...

You bet. The whole system is gamed against anyone that tries to build a house themselves or build gradually in order to avoid massive debt. The entire building industry is corrupt top to bottom.