Saturday, July 20, 2013

Unproductive Week

I'm not sure what happened this week, but I didn't seem to get much of anything done. I had one thing after another come up, and it's raining even more than usual. Then we took a wee mini vacation and stocked up on books, so I have the added distraction of a to-be-read pile that we have to take back to the library in a couple weeks. So no real progress and thus, no pictures as the only sign I'm working at all is a pile of wet dirt. I'm not sure what our plans are for tomorrow, but I doubt it will be out scratching in the mud.

We did manage to get a quote for siding on the outside of the trailer. We decided that it's a go, and I'll be giving them the green light first thing Monday morning. There is a good amount of work already queued up in front of us, so it won't be anytime real quick, but I'm hoping the new skin will be on by the end of August.

I did stumble onto a couple tidbits while stuck inside. The first is a new world record for a domino spiral:

Oh, and the little thing about Detroit declaring the largest municipal bankruptcy in history. Which should be absolutely no surprise to anyone. This has been building since the 1970's. We'll all be Detroit sooner or later, so pay attention.

Well, probably ought to shuffle off to bed.

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