Thursday, July 01, 2010

June Roundup

June was another slow month for us in terms of posting. We did slightly better in terms of visitors (189) compared to last month, but still off the long-run average. With all the disruptions we will be dealing with, I would expect the next couple months to look very similar. Our biggest sources of new visitors continues to be Google and The Archdruid Report. The second makes sense; I frequently post there and link to articles which the blog's author kindly reciprocates as track-backs. The first confuses me. Almost no one goes past the first or second page of Google search results, so how is a infrequently-updated, low-visitor-count, personal blog getting ranked so high up in search results?

Speaking of Google searches, as expected "two unicorns humping on a bed of roses" is the winner of this month's most unique search phrase, followed by "debbies inflatables" which came from our up-tight, the-United-States-is-Satan friends over in Iran. I'm sure they were just looking for an on-line store named Debbies that sells Zodiacs.

The various versions of Windows has become even more dominant on our visitor's PC's (over 90%). Mac comes in at 5.8%, Linux at 2.1% and the balance is various mobile devices. People seem to be doing a better job of keeping their browsers up to date, aided no doubt by automatic version checking, background downloads, etc. that make keeping up to date much less painful than it was just a few years ago. The most-current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome are in use by nearly three-quarters of June's visitors (34.4%, 25.9% and 12.2% respectively). Out-of-date versions of IE and Firefox (all Chrome users where on the latest version) only made up 17% of visits, and all but a handful of those were only one version behind. The balance of visitors were either using Safari or something mobile.

Enough stats for one day.

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