Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In Michigan

We made it to my Mom's house late last night -- the drive from our place in NH with pit stops/gas stops/lunch and dinner breaks took us 16hrs -- but we did it all in one day!

Chilling out today -- the hardest thing we did was running to Meijers to turn in our popcans from NH to get the 10cent MI deposit and picking up a few things needed for the rest of this week and the reunion. (Oh, we swept up part of the basement -- dead ladybugs and spider webs)

We have a new chef in our midst while here --- Ashton is the dinner chef. Tonite we are having steaks, green beans, potato salad and tossed salad. Mmmmmmm. Wonder if I hires out?!

No news yet on my Florida job. The lady from the cruise place emailed Tuesday and said she would call me that night after 530p. No call or further email Tuesday... this morning I emailed her and gave her Mom's land line to call instead and finally got an email around 430p saying she had been super busy and would call me tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully it is good news after she talked with her CEO about the training class and me. I guess I will be waiting some more.

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