Friday, July 09, 2010

Couple of Rants

Not mine, for once. The first is a video by Alex Jones. I have no idea who this guy is beyond what I see in this video; a Rush Limbaugh wannabe right down to the hand gestures and right-wing baiting phrases ("Martial law!" "Foreign banks!" "Globalist engineers!" "NAFTA!"). But that doesn't make his central point wrong: it is a sign of mental illness when LeBron James and Lindsey Lohan are anything other than a page 26, one inch footnote wedged in between a mattress ad and the weekly column by the local Communist Party nutjob. Anyway, the video:

As a somewhat related follow-up, we have the latest from Fred Reed:

...At sixty-four, you don’t have a lot of elders. Besides, they mostly have Alzheimer’s. When you are older than our rulers, you take a dim view of  august official turkeys. Dumb-ass kids. You look at a corrupt old hen like Nancy Pelosi pecking at bugs in the national barn yard and think, “Oh help.” Even if she is older than sixty-four.

...Reporters don’t meet Important People because we news weasels are meritorious, but because the press enjoys power all out of proportion to its worth. If people knew reporters as well as I do, they would emigrate. You could take a blind cocker spaniel with a low IQ and give him, her, or it a press card from the Washington Post, and in three weeks every pol in the city would kiss up to the beast, who would develop delusions of grandeur.

...So once age and realism have eroded any expectation of adulthood or good sense, you realize that there is no hope. The limbic urges that power Washington are exactly those that you would find up some forgotten holler in West Virginia, at Jimbo’s Pool Hall and Rib Pit. 

In other words, the politicians and journalists that Alex Jones is concerned are misdirecting the moron proletariat's attention away from what's important, are themselves just slightly smarter, better-looking morons. Sounds about right.

No luck on the system resurrection front: I need a wired keyboard and I don't have time to wait for Amazon. Looks like I'll be picking up an over-priced cheap keyboard. The thing is, I could swear I got a standard keyboard and mouse with the system when I bought it. Probably sold the thing on Craigslist for $2 during one of our moves.

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