Thursday, July 15, 2010

...and Still Waiting

Still no word on any Florida jobs, but we've been filling our days with endless tours of apartment complexes; 35 or so places in the last three days. This morning, we narrowed the list down to 6 possibles. We revisited two of those today before the rain sort of ended all the fun. We're pretty sure we already know which one we will pick; it's 5 miles from Debbie's new job (assuming she actually gets it; no word yet), and it's close to things like the Super Walmart and several places where I could possibly get a job. But the kicker is that the rent is less than any other place we've looked at. It's smaller in terms of square feet, but it puts the square feet in the living space instead of wasting it in huge, elaborate bathrooms and bedrooms. I have no idea why the people who designed our current apartment thought it was a good idea to make the master bedroom twice the size (not counting the walk-in closet and bathroom) as the living room.

We also found some of the... well... sketchier parts of the Lake Mary/Sanford area. We knew we were entering the... more colorful parts when we started passing check-cashing and bail bonds places (and burned out houses and empty strip malls and... well, you get the idea). One road we were following turned into a sandy two-track after passing by an abandoned warehouse. I have no idea if there really was an apartment complex down there; we U-turned and crossed that one off our list. Sometimes the rent is just a little too cheap.

We're taking tomorrow off to zip down to Universal Studios to see the new Harry Potter thing. It's only 40 minutes from here so we figured why not? This is also why we also asked about bigger apartments at a couple places, because we figure once everyone gets the word that we're less than an hour from Disney World, there will be a line of people wanting to come "visit" our new apartment.

I haven't bothered to keep real close tabs on the news while we're down here, but I did see that BP managed to get a cap on the well that is capturing 100% of the oil. I know there were concerns that once the main leak was capped that oil would start leaking from other places, but that doesn't seem to be a problem so far. At last; some good news.

Time for ice cream, so done blogging for a while. We head for "home" Sunday morning to wait some more.

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