Friday, July 09, 2010

...and it's Back!!

After dinner, we drove over to Staples and picked up the cheapest wired keyboard and mouse we could find. Came home, unplugged everything non-essential, plugged in the keyboard and mouse and hit the power button. The last ten times I booted the system, it would throw a partition table error immediately after POST. This time, it booted right up to the login screen. I added back devices one at a time, rebooting after each one and now I'm back in business. I have no idea how I fixed it, or if it magically fixed itself while the system was sitting in the living room powered off. I probably wasted the $30 for the keyboard and mouse, but I needed them anyway. Once we get to Florida, I plan to start getting back into doing system builds for fun and profit. Well, mostly fun; I'd have a hard time buying the parts for what a built system costs these days, never mind selling it at a profit. Mine would be made with much higher quality components, but almost no one cares about that sort of thing. But I would like to get a small Ubuntu system going for Debbie's mom so we can cure the recurring virus problems she's been having.

Now I need to get busy to make up for the lost 12 hours and get things ready for the big move.

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